an apology - i haven’t really been going on this blog much, mostly because tumblr just isn’t interesting to me anymore and i’ve been trying to focus on staying positive, school, real-life friendships etc.

i just wanted to thank everyone who follows me on here - it’s crazy to me that thousands of people have actually liked my blog enough to click the follow button. i am a completely different person than i was the day i clicked sign up - i’ve had this blog for 3 years and its always been both an inspiration and a reflection of myself and my evolving style and identity. it was also a sanctuary for me when things got really bad last year. although i do think the depression/ed community and the culture of self-hate and self-pity is often more detrimental than helpful, i’ve also made friends, developed a bizarre sense of humor, been educated about important social issues and a new way of looking at the world. 

so yeah, i might still come on this blog but not as much as i used to, mostly because i don’t need it anymore. tumblr has helped me grow up and now i’ve grown out of it - i have friends, goals, a future - but i’d like to think i’ll always remember tumblr as an important part of my growing up.

  -  8 June